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Twiggy at Stradivarius

There is no doubt that the Twiggy mannequin has become synonymous with the story of fashion in a particular place and era. Whenever you see a Twiggy mannequin, London's 1960s fashion stores on the Kings Road and Carnaby Street spring to mind. However that doesn't mean she remains a symbol of a time gone by. Her enduring look and adaptability make her a perfect personality for today's ever-changing and contemporary fashion trends. Twiggy is the one constant in an ever-evolving industry.

Twiggy at Stradivarius in Madrid

Stradivarius, the Spanish-based fashion brand, has chosen Twiggy's quintessential character for the launch of their new vintage collection. The new womenswear collection is everything that Twiggy is familiar with; jacquard knitwear, knee-high white cowboy boots, flare jeans and an unmistakable vintage silhouette. Staging a series of events in Madrid, Barcelona and London, the Stradivarius' windows show Twiggy at her contemporary best, combining a vintage narrative with a fresh, youthful and modern look.

Twiggy's adaptability has been showcased with classic makeup and wigs. In London and Barcelona, Twiggy's look includes the classic Pixie-style wig and in Madrid, she sports the famous Sassoon inspired side-parted blond bob.

Twiggy in Madrid

In the Stradivarius windows in Madrid, Twiggy is paired with a cool contemporary backdrop and vibrant garments from the new Stradivarius 2021 Vintage Collection.

Twiggy with Sassoon Wig at Stradivarius, Madrid
Twiggy at Stradivarius Madrid
Sassoon Wig and classic Twiggy makeup at Stradivarius, Madrid

Twiggy in London

In London, Twiggy's styling is unmistakably modern with layered prints and muted tones, punctuated by the fresh pinks and purples of the new A/W21 Collection.

Twiggy at Stradivarius, London
Twiggy in London

Twiggy in Barcelona

At the Stradivarius, Barcelona flagship store, Twiggy is presented in Stradivarius' A/W 2021 collection, set against a backdrop of muted autumn colours.

A group of Twiggy mannequins face 'Paseo de Gracia', at the Stradivarius flagship Barcelona store.
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