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Window Display | Visual Merchandising

Twiggy at Lodenfrey

When Bonaveri acquired Rootstein the main aim of the venture was to breathe fresh new life into the brand. Going back to the original catalogue seemed like the best place to start where many of Adel Rootstein's most famous collections were founded on famous faces.

Twiggy was one of Rootstein's earliest and successful collections, featuring an up and coming young London model whose petit features and poses would redefine fashion in the 1960s. Her look encapsulated the essence of the era and has retained the same mystique every decade since.

This year to mark the launch of the new Rootstein, we revealed a new Twiggy - one that captures the magic of the original and reconnects with modern audiences. The new collection reflects the trends of today's retail and fashion market and yet retains everything that is essentially Twiggy.

At Lodenfrey in Munich, Twiggy appears in a series of colourful window displays dressed in contemporary garments that reinforce the power of her heritage. By using multiple new  poses and a vibrant Twiggy portrait, each window is powerful statement of both fashion and attitude.

The display marks 52 years since Twiggy originally visited the Munich department store, testament to the longevity of the look.

Alongside Twiggy is a window dedicated to men's fashion, where two Schläppi Noble mannequins are set against a scene fromCarnaby Street, 1960s London

Inside the store in the Glass House department are a series of Twiggy heads on make up display tables used for displaying in store merchandise.

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