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An open letter from Andrea Bonaveri

Dear Rootstein Client,

My name is Andrea Bonaveri, General Manager of BONAVERI Mannequins in Italy. Ours is a company that for nearly 70 years has been producing mannequins and tailoring bust forms of exceptional quality. We have always strived toward creating products that reflect the changing aesthetics of ideal beauty.

You may already be aware that Bonaveri recently acquired Rootstein Display Mannequins with the intention of reviving and revitalising the brand. Rootstein, along with a few others, occupies an important place in the history of the realistic mannequin; a tradition we intend to continue with a relaunch in February 2020 at Euroshop in Düsseldorf.

Both myself and my brother Guido, with whom I have been running the family business for almost 40 years, consider the creation of the mannequin a fundamental part of our world since our childhood.  We both grew up intrigued by the beauty of Rootstein’s creations.

For this same reason we have come to regret the recent decline of Rootstein’s innovative spirit, something that characterised this brand since its creation in the early 1960s.

So when we were offered the opportunity to continue what Adel Rootstein had begun 70 years ago, we grasped the task without hesitation. Our initial intention was to maintain the business in theUnited Kingdom, continuing with the production without disruption to Rootstein’s very loyal customer base. However we soon realised that we would need a brief but very necessary period of re-evaluation for us to fully appreciate the magic of Rootstein and to be able to devote all of our energy into restarting the main production.

This temporary period of closure has allowed us to organise the collections and compile the necessary resources to guarantee a level of customer service appropriate to this important brand.

We are aware of the difficulty that this closure has meant for you all whilst we transferred the Rootstein assets to Italy.However, I wish to assure you that we are working extremely hard to get back to full production as soon as possible.

By way of relaunching Rootstein, we intend to focus on the reintroduction of an iconic collection from the archive after which time, we will expand the offer with further new products.

I appreciate that expectations are high, especially from those of you who are deeply fond of Rootstein’s past work. MayI offer our sincerest commitment of engagement, passion and determination so that we can create, with equal success, a new chapter in the story of Rootstein.

I am writing these words with much humility, recognising that it takes very little to lose a life’s work, while it takes a lifetime to build a great brand.

We have recently relaunched the Rootstein website and will continue to enrich our social media channels with new content.

Our hope is that you will continue to follow and support us on this wonderful journey.

We would also like to extend a warm welcome to all of you to visit us in Düsseldorf on the occasion of Euroshop in February 2020. Come and see the results of our work over the last few months and share your Rootstein stories with the new team. We’d love to hear from you all.

Andrea Bonaveri

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