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It was the 1980s when Yasmin Le Bon, one of the prominent supermodels of the time, posed in Rootstein's London sculpture studio for sculptor John Taylor. With his skilled hands, he translated Yasmin's beauty into the lines of a mannequin, an icon of style and beauty, known not only for her presence on the runways and in the advertising campaigns of some of the biggest names in fashion, but also for being a recurring face on the covers of prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Today, with the aim of updating this classic to contemporary tastes, we are proud to present the Yasmin Collection in a renewed version in fit and face. With two variants - closed lips and slightly open lips- our collection includes nine different poses, seven standing and two seated, each with its own character of sophistication and grace that combines respect for tradition with a forward-looking perspective.

Discover the Yasmin Collection in our showrooms and in our online catalogue.

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