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Dianne Brill

Dianne Brill was 19 when she arrived in New York. Her vivacious energy and unique look very quickly catapulted her to stardom. She was bestowed the title "Queen of the Night" by Andy Warhol in his 1988 book; a "how to" guide for a fabulous 80's party.

Brill's capacity to connect with her audience was part of her energising charm. Her look, complete with big hair, bust, hips and tiny waist celebrated the curves of a more voluptuous body. The tiny waifer-like "Twiggy" aesthetic that had dominated 20 years of fashion was giving way to the 1980s full bodied glamour and Dianne Brill perfectly captured the style.

Adel Rootstein created her mannequin infusing it with both shape and attitude capturing Brill's ecstatic energy. The positions pre-empted New Yorks "Pose" generation with a collection that froze many of Dianne's most famous compositions; entering a room, striking a pose was everything that Dianne Brill could capture in an electricity never before seen.

Her career would take her on a journey from New York's night life to Paris' catwalks where her first shows would be for designer Thierry Mugler. Using her inimitable style, she gave catwalks their showtime appeal.

Rootstein dubbed Dianne Brill the "Shape of the Nineties" affirming her form as representative of the era.

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Dianne Brill


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